• Published: 11 October 2016
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    Just a fun little video for the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend! If you have any questions, please comment them below so I can accumulate them for a Q&A video! Thanks for watching and subscribe!

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Comments • 293

  • Jasmin 130323
    Jasmin 130323  4 months back

    I really love your content new subbie here!!!

    • Keysy Sarmiento
      Keysy Sarmiento  5 months back

      I want jay to make a YouTube channel

      • Becky Torres
        Becky Torres  5 months back

        I was seriously feeling like shit. Not in a great mood and I just watch your vids to laugh 😂😂

        • Jewlay H
          Jewlay H  6 months back

          “Don’t eat the fucking strawberries “ probably my fav part

          • Haibbdggfhhfcbjtfgjffy Bhggg

            OoF I got so worried for Elle when she was struggling with the turkey 😓 my heart ❤️ dead 💀

            • cookie357159
              cookie357159  8 months back

              I kept clearing my throat while watching this

              • abigail
                abigail  8 months back

                Oomph I just stumbled into this old gem, why haven’t I seen this before?? Oh that’s right, it’s around 3 years old 😂

                • Larimar Henriquez
                  Larimar Henriquez  10 months back

                  Didn’t know Thanksgiving was celebrated on Canada!

                  • Jaylyn b
                    Jaylyn b  11 months back


                    • Random Person
                      Random Person  12 months back

                      Every cooking show ever 😂

                      • FATIMA HAMMOUD
                        FATIMA HAMMOUD  1 years back

                        Melinna face 3:20

                        • loco :
                          loco :  1 years back

                          “can you actually try with the shots cuz your effing slacking” i died 😂

                          • Janesa Tena
                            Janesa Tena  1 years back

                            I love this video soo much 😂

                            • jaimie white
                              jaimie white  1 years back

                              i forget shes her sister and i keep thinking he is her brother ugh but why dont they look alike?

                              • pricilla deleon
                                pricilla deleon  1 years back

                                I literally cried laughing 😂

                                • Justice Seymour
                                  Justice Seymour  1 years back

                                  “DONT EAT THE F*CKING STRAWBERRIES!”😂

                                  • Bineapple Bizza
                                    Bineapple Bizza  1 years back

                                    I smiled the whole vid

                                    • Shakies Thomas
                                      Shakies Thomas  1 years back

                                      I love the videos like this one

                                      • Johnny Kiener
                                        Johnny Kiener  1 years back

                                        “Do how long have you been dating Melinna again?”
                                        “Like 6 years”
                                        “...So fairly recent”

                                        • Luisa Santos
                                          Luisa Santos  1 years back

                                          you are definitely a looser.

                                          • Chloe W1ng
                                            Chloe W1ng  1 years back

                                            "We're not putting the stuffing inside the Turkey because they're""Glu""Gluten Free"That part cracked me up

                                            • McKayla McDaniel
                                              McKayla McDaniel  1 years back

                                              It’s almost midnight and all this is doing is making me hungry 🙃

                                              • csndra jolie
                                                csndra jolie  1 years back

                                                I want her to come back already haha

                                                • csndra jolie
                                                  csndra jolie  1 years back

                                                  Bruh I miss Elle lol

                                                  • FINI K
                                                    FINI K  1 years back

                                                    Melinna looks like spencer from pll

                                                    • Princess Zammie
                                                      Princess Zammie  1 years back

                                                      “Don’t eat the fUcKiNg strawberries”😂😂

                                                      • BoiWot
                                                        BoiWot  1 years back

                                                        Is your whole channel sponsored by Coca Cola?

                                                        • MrsThangBaby 1997
                                                          MrsThangBaby 1997  1 years back

                                                          This video made me hungry🙄

                                                          • Shannon OfMills
                                                            Shannon OfMills  1 years back


                                                            • Vanessa Banuelos
                                                              Vanessa Banuelos  1 years back


                                                              • Parker Powell
                                                                Parker Powell  1 years back

                                                                Y’all have thanksgiving in Canada??

                                                                • Charwhal McMuffins
                                                                  Charwhal McMuffins  1 years back

                                                                  I didn’t know they had thanksgiving in Canada?

                                                                  • feel special
                                                                    feel special  1 years back

                                                                    Who is your fav sibling?!

                                                                    • Eliza Hamilton
                                                                      Eliza Hamilton  1 years back

                                                                      How have I never heard of you before. 🖤🖤

                                                                      • Yoorhim Kim
                                                                        Yoorhim Kim  2 years back

                                                                        I actually feel bad for Mitch but I know it’s a joke

                                                                        • Harbz
                                                                          Harbz  2 years back

                                                                          ive never related to anything more than when jay took the close up of you instead of the food

                                                                          • See Marie
                                                                            See Marie  2 years back

                                                                            I love watching new / old videos by you. 😍😂

                                                                            • khadia Tyack
                                                                              khadia Tyack  2 years back

                                                                              we love you. take your time

                                                                              • Gabriel Guzman
                                                                                Gabriel Guzman  2 years back

                                                                                fave part probably all of it. but this part HAHAA 0:20 - 0:27

                                                                                • kyel williams
                                                                                  kyel williams  2 years back

                                                                                  Elle: Did you get the shot

                                                                                  Jay: I guess

                                                                                  Elle: *Throws bread* 🥖

                                                                                  • Maravene Inman
                                                                                    Maravene Inman  2 years back


                                                                                    • Dana Nicole Rebono
                                                                                      Dana Nicole Rebono  2 years back

                                                                                      I can’t stop laughing! 😂 Elle, you’re hilarious!

                                                                                      • Kjoelee
                                                                                        Kjoelee  2 years back

                                                                                        your amazing Elle! (:

                                                                                        • Adriana Gallardo
                                                                                          Adriana Gallardo  2 years back

                                                                                          Your channel is amazing Elle. Love you guys 😻

                                                                                          • Ashland Christensen
                                                                                            Ashland Christensen  2 years back

                                                                                            Omg I swear Elle's is me during family time and specially when their cooking.

                                                                                            • hi there
                                                                                              hi there  2 years back

                                                                                              Bro Melina looked so upset when Elle put the bread down after getting the shot

                                                                                              • Sophia Brooks  (STUDENT)

                                                                                                10,000 by the end of the year? Now she got 1.1 mill. Good job😊

                                                                                                • Kaiya Jones
                                                                                                  Kaiya Jones  2 years back

                                                                                                  Jay behind the camera is so good lmao