Joe Rogan | What Everyone Gets Wrong About Quantum Physics w/Sean Carroll

  • Published: 17 September 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1352 w/Sean Carroll:

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  • Chris Dragotta
    Chris Dragotta  2 days back

    A transistor is literally an electronic switch. On and off. Because they are getting tiny, they can be considered "quantum".

    What he means that they don't understand it but they do it everyday is simply that through trial and error, they play around with chip architecture until it works reliably. Trial and error. They don't really know why it doesn't work when it doesnt, but that's not important.

    • Ma ON
      Ma ON  5 days back

      Correction 3 things: they also invented yoga pants!

      • tommy Dawson
        tommy Dawson  1 weeks back

        I understand everything omg

        • Tasfoolia - pranks
          Tasfoolia - pranks  2 weeks back

          Has Joe Rogan had a profound experience on his show? Now that would be legendary.

          • Keith Bernard
            Keith Bernard  2 weeks back

            This sucks ,, joe your a twat waffle

            • LordOfNothingham
              LordOfNothingham  2 weeks back

              “Saaaaaam, Ziggy says there a 95% chance that this guy will never explain quantum physics to Joe”

              • Jeff Harper
                Jeff Harper  2 weeks back

                Many Worlds has always made my bullshit meter tick, but i have to admit I have no concrete reasons for it. like I doubt it, but not for any other reason than it sounds nuts. I really need a physicist to sit me down and explain what the fuck “universe splitting” actually physically fucking means. What is going on. Why. Where does the other universe go? Does this happen constantly at some random frequency or is it literally just when someone does some specific quantum experiment where you observe an electron? I feel like this guy didnt explain enough

                • NoPlanB
                  NoPlanB  2 weeks back

                  Well so then quit telling us it's in two different states at the same time. It's the reason I've been pissed off for years.

                  • Chryptopher
                    Chryptopher  2 weeks back

                    I think I liked him better when he played drums for Rush.

                    • Danny Bowen
                      Danny Bowen  3 weeks back

                      If he had a nickel for every year he had been a big, he would have enough money.. to play a round of pac-man. 25 cents. 5 years.

                      • Nayan
                        Nayan  3 weeks back

                        4:32 .. My hero..

                        • ChiefAutographSeeker
                          ChiefAutographSeeker  3 weeks back

                          Pretty simple actually.....The guys trying to figure out how to implement "fundamental" quantum mechanics, can't figure out how to win the lottery!!! In an attempt to actually fund, here in OUR reality their agenda haha Atleast in "OUR" reality....Ohhh snap, back to the drawing board! Hmmm now try figure out another way to dupe these mass shit heads but in the meantime legalize marijuana or some sort of other drug to dumb down the population....

                          • 100 kiloluk zenci
                            100 kiloluk zenci  3 weeks back

                            Joe "i know words like RAM" Rogan

                            • Dan Giles
                              Dan Giles  3 weeks back

                              Quantum physics are cool but have you ever used a hadron collider to smoke DMT?

                            • Filip Martin
                              Filip Martin  3 weeks back

                              All Science remains _mysterious_ & remains unknown. There are no Proofs in Science, only Evidence.

                              • Jimbodawg
                                Jimbodawg  3 weeks back

                                Filip Martin As it should be.

                            • roman szefler
                              roman szefler  3 weeks back

                              So far the only explanation on quantum physics is from Thomas Campbell
                              Well thats for me

                              • sanjuansteve
                                sanjuansteve  3 weeks back

                                #WaveParticleDuality #TheoryOfEverything
                                What if strings aren’t vibrating string loops, but rather particle orbits?
                                The natural first (Occam’s) assumption to explain how or why a particle like a photon (or electron, etc) might behave as an uncertain location particle while also like a polarizable axial or helical wave ''packet'', given that everything in the universe from electrons to solar systems are in orbit with something else pulling them into polarizable axial or helical apparent waves depending on the orientation of their orbits as they travel thru space, and given that we know we’re in a sea of undetectable dark matter but don’t know where it’s disbursed, is that they’re in orbit with an undetectable dark matter particle pulling them into polarizable axial or helical apparent waves as they travel where the speed of their orbit determines the wavelength and the diameter is the amplitude which would explain the double slit, uncertainty, etc. No?

                                • Bigdaddio79
                                  Bigdaddio79  3 weeks back

                                  Quantum mechanics for people..... In...... Wait, what? Duuuuuuuh......

                                  • Enzo Nazzaro
                                    Enzo Nazzaro  3 weeks back

                                    if you want to learn some basics of quantum mechanics PBS spacetime channel is a good place to start

                                    • PleaseMrimonly 7
                                      PleaseMrimonly 7  3 weeks back

                                      Which phenomenon is more bizarre? Dmt or quantum physics? 🤷🏻‍♂️

                                    • Gurd MLB
                                      Gurd MLB  3 weeks back

                                      Next time I get a fine from police, I'll tell them our laws don't apply to quantum physics.

                                      • Pranav
                                        Pranav  3 weeks back

                                        Hollywood: "how do i explain this weird phenomenon in sci fi movies"
                                        Writer: "just add the word quantum in front of it"

                                        • Lature Bogdan
                                          Lature Bogdan  3 weeks back

                                          What about quantum dmt?

                                          • meow MEOW
                                            meow MEOW  3 weeks back

                                            "A cup of what STARBUCK"
                                            Joey Diaz

                                            • Matthew Forrest
                                              Matthew Forrest  3 weeks back

                                              There are no funny DMT comments.... played the fuck out people

                                              • Monkey See Monkey Do
                                                Monkey See Monkey Do  3 weeks back

                                                "stop asking questions about the meaning of reality and what the world is doing", stop ignoring consciousness when you talk about the meaning of reality please, fucking physicist philosophers

                                                • XxAngel xX
                                                  XxAngel xX  3 weeks back

                                                  we need more talk with this guy 😁

                                                  • common sense
                                                    common sense  3 weeks back

                                                    My house is 20 ft wide by 30 ft long by 20 ft high by 5 O'CLOCK. Need I say more.

                                                    • Siris Mc
                                                      Siris Mc  3 weeks back

                                                      common sense that’s not a house... it’s a home..

                                                  • Ethan b05
                                                    Ethan b05  3 weeks back

                                                    I completely agree with Sean Carroll but a lot of people don't know that there is also the danger of going crazy in these types of question. The most classic kind craziness is the "Einstein Syndrome" where a guy thinks he is a misunderstood genius of some kind but his "theories" are actually just bad math, confirmation bias and sometime even some kind of weird philosophical stuff. As a physics student I've seen a few people who got down that road and it's really sad to see because they don't understand that they are wrong and why are they not taken seriously. After some times it becomes personal. some kind of "me against the world" mentality.

                                                    This is one of the reasons why the question "why?" in physics is not very popular. "why" is not precise enough and it depends on your own level of understanding of a topic. The correct question in physics is "how?". "How do things happen?" not "why do things happen?". It might seem like a small nuance but it is an extremely important one. It makes the difference between good physics and Deepak Chopra.

                                                    Other than that Sean Carroll is completely right here. Nowadays we don't make groundbreaking discoveries. Only technological advances and confirmation of old theories. The main reason for that is ,in my opinion, not the lack of good questions or a lack of interest in the nature of things but actually overspecialization in one subject. Physicists are now so over specialized in their field that they can't talk about anything other than their very specific research subject. To make new groundbreaking discoveries we need generalizations not specializations. A global view on physics not a very particular and different point of view for every specific subject.

                                                    • Cuvtixo D
                                                      Cuvtixo D  3 weeks back

                                                      Also, physicist used to get money from Defense departments. They wanted the next nuclear bomb or satellite tech. Without a Cold War, no money for research, crumbs for orgs like NASA. And because Fossil Fuels dominate the energy industry and we did not go nuclear powered (which would have been much better environmentally)

                                                  • Alfredo Baker
                                                    Alfredo Baker  3 weeks back

                                                    The more I think about the universe the more I realise that it is eternal, something has ALWAYS existed and thank fuck it has otherwise I wouldn’t be able too share my opinion 😂

                                                    • Anthony Fierro
                                                      Anthony Fierro  3 weeks back

                                                      Could it possibly describe the spiritual world? The spiritual world being the intertwined or many world? Could our world allow quantitative mechanics and uncertainty mechanics to work together?

                                                      Think about it; we are all made of atoms: rather particular matter. If particles can collide and given there rate of energy you can measure where those particles will eventually end up. Basically energy dispersing equally outward away from the collision.

                                                      Imagine you are in a high velocity motor vehicle collision. You’re state of mind being the cognitive energy and the physical energy collide, creating a dispersion of energy you haven’t seen and energy you have seen exiting in the physical world and the other into the metaphysical.

                                                      The paranormal hypothetically could be revealed as real science.


                                                      • RubherDuck
                                                        RubherDuck  3 weeks back

                                                        Just get to work on building a never ending elevator like Einstein wanted. If he wanted to go up the elevator it would never end going up or that's the way to go the speed of light

                                                        • Dylan Walker
                                                          Dylan Walker  3 weeks back

                                                          Did he just say ''invent quantum mechanics'' I thought that it was discovered, not invented.

                                                          • Titus Abraham
                                                            Titus Abraham  2 weeks back

                                                            Dylan Walker 2.49 + 2.49=4.98
                                                            2.49 rounds down to 2 and 4.98 rounds up to 5 ergo 2 + 2 = 5
                                                            Mathematics is a game, the rules humans invented. It describes reality well but not perfectly. Newton’s equations of gravity stood for almost 300 yrs until Einstein’s and Minkowski’s space time mathematics superseded them.

                                                          • Dylan Walker
                                                            Dylan Walker  3 weeks back

                                                            @Titus Abraham A lot would disagree with that because some say that math is discovered in the universe. Phyistis say that the universe is made of math & not an invention. There is no such thing as 2+2=5 but 2+2=4 certainly does.

                                                          • Titus Abraham
                                                            Titus Abraham  3 weeks back

                                                            It’s a mathematical description of physical phenomena. Mathematics is a human invention.

                                                          • Ed Gepixel
                                                            Ed Gepixel  3 weeks back

                                                            Dylan Walker
                                                            That's what people don't get about quantum physics.

                                                        • NEWKNOWLEDGE
                                                          NEWKNOWLEDGE  4 weeks back

                                                          Imagine that a 4D reality existed, a reality where 4D events take place. WOW. Let's call the 4D reality, Space-Time. Now imagine a 3D reality that resides within the 4D reality, a 3D reality where living creatures exist. Let's call those at the top of the living creatures chain, human's. WOW. Now the tiny 3D human's would have a difficult time understanding the 4D events, since they live in a tiny 3D reality, a reality where they refuse to believe that a 4D reality exists by refusing to believe that 4D events even occur. Those silly little creatures.

                                                          • Psycho Bag Of Squanch
                                                            Psycho Bag Of Squanch  4 weeks back

                                                            Quantum Physics= 🤯🤯🤯🤯

                                                            • Mark S
                                                              Mark S  4 weeks back

                                                              Great podcast but at the end he kind of contradicts himself. He admits that we essentially know nothing of the ontological basis behind quantum mechanics while asserting that people should “face up to the facts.” He has stated that there is potentially infinite versions of ourselves — isn’t this testament enough at what incredible beings we are?

                                                              Moreover, he does not really explain or dig deeply into the issue of consciousness, and I think he is afraid to. He just provides a blanket rejection that creating our own reality is “nonsense” when in reality some of the greatest quantum pioneers thought this to be the case. It is proven that even “passive observation” collapses the wave function (see 1998 Weizmann experiment) and our observations in the present can dictate a particles path in the past (2015 ANU experiment). It’s as if when we know the information of a particle it “actualizes” in reality — and there must be a conscious observer to read the detectors.

                                                              Observation is central to quantum mechanics, and your observations are your consciousness. If you look at the experiments it really does suppose that there is some intrinsic, fundamental importance of consciousness. In the words of famed cosmologist Andrei Linde, “does this not mean that observation and creation go hand in hand?” Just my two cents.

                                                              • Cuvtixo D
                                                                Cuvtixo D  3 weeks back

                                                                well, he does explain in the longer interview that he's in the particular school of thought, "Many Worlds". BUT... he also makes the point in the longer interview that experiments aren't being designed to challenge these views, either way. And you have to come up with an explanation of why the universe seems to be 16 billion years old, and consists of trillions of galaxies.

                                                              • Adam A
                                                                Adam A  3 weeks back

                                                                Well if quantum mechanics does not describe what is happening at any moment. And only describes probabilities, why is there a need for conscious?

                                                            • angrynorway
                                                              angrynorway  4 weeks back

                                                              Glenn Tennis anyone?

                                                              • InkWavve
                                                                InkWavve  4 weeks back

                                                                What people get the most wrong about quantum mechanics is they think it's the "gap" where their gods reside. It's gotten so bad there should be a field named "quantum mysticism." Just because quantum mechanic is so alien to everyday human experience, they think it's some fantasy realm where you can find magical secrets to FTL, time travel, space manipulation, proof of soul, afterlife, manipulating the material world via willpower, etc etc. Especially egregious are the few standout concepts like "gravitons" or "multiverse" or "Schroedinger's Cat" that people latch onto and try to shoehorn as many of their wishful fantasies into those little-understood areas that likely will have zero perceivable influence on their macroscopic existence. They are not interested in the science of it. They only want the mystery of it.

                                                                • Justin Todd
                                                                  Justin Todd  4 weeks back

                                                                  Has quantum mechanics ever smoked dmt?

                                                                  • Anthony Aguirre
                                                                    Anthony Aguirre  4 weeks back

                                                                    Is the character from futurama based on this guy.. They look exactly alike..

                                                                    • Randy Balluff
                                                                      Randy Balluff  4 weeks back


                                                                      Joe. Watched you’re podcast with the quantum mechanics author, and thought I’d put in my two cents, since the chagrin on your face was so familiar. Not that I really think you need a good example, but I thought a “blue-collar” analogy would make it easier to get (as much as I get it, anyway). 

                                                                      So you’re about to change the tire of your car. As you’re standing looking at the lug nuts and which one to start loosening first, you (possibly) think of the pattern of loosening (often loosening the nuts in opposition - the top one, then the bottom one, left, right, etc). As you imagine which one to loosen, you actually change the position of the point you will loosen just by thinking about it (observing it), and the notion gets clearer when you imagine loosening a nut on the opposite tire (say both back tires), in which case everything you’ve been imagining about the nut on on the first tire, gets flipped (left is now right, right is now left, and the vertical position of the second nut, though almost exactly the same height as the first nut, has now been moved  one (meter) away. 

                                                                      And this is simply by your observing the position of the first nut and imagining the position of the second nut (to get a tactile, physiological bead on what this shit might really mean or how it happens, on some level, the change of position attributed to the object/s observed has everything to do with mass. Specifically with positive ions (our heartbeats are sensed, the actual beat sending ripples of ionic energy through space-time, over 1.5 miles away, by anyone in the vicinity whether they know it or not as their sympathetic nervous system picks it up. There are dust particles and dead cells from Australia in your house you’ve sucked up. And if you have a good voice, with strong tamber, or characteristic resonant frequencies, and expansive qualities, you have a voice that emits a dominant, focused, and/or unconstrained amount of positive ions - actual weight and mass, i.e., the famed “hundred pound shout”). And in all of these you have examples of just how quantum quantum mechanics might work on the optical level (via reception theory and the optic chiasmus) and arrive from there at a basic notion of a “Parallel Universe” where things are nearly identical in appearance, but not quite. So your very presence in its totality, including the mass emitted or received with any action you make, even mere perception with the five senses, changes the object thus reflected on (early Ionian Greeks, as seen in their sculptures, had positive-shaped eyes with no pupils and believed that light came out of them and illuminated the world - which is true at least in the degree that it is not a constructed reality, but a reflection of the world, and light, around us). 

                                                                      Not sure if this will help. But my dad and I often remarked on the anomalies of quantum mechanics when building houses - for instance, determining plum. So much of determining plum is really about classical quantum mechanics (Solomon Stone), in that the fixed point you seek to determine and “stake” in space-time, is entirely arbitrary and depends on where you are standing in relation to what’s around you, and will change almost immediately and entirely just by looking to a different imagined point to “stake” - a foot over here, or 25 yards over there (since as we stand on this spinning, wobbling, orbiting, round rock of a planet attempting to “stake” a point that is perfectly perpendicular to an imagined horizontal plane on a round surface which is moving through space-time, and which extends infinitely into space - WTF!).

                                                                      Quantum mechanics is really an attempt to order chaos in space, but has problems with notions of time (or we have problems with time and it messes with our ability to perceive what’s quantum - the “God” particle, or Higgs Boson Particle, is possibly a discovery that will help our ability to locate quantum spaces/actions, in time: including time-travel and telekinesis). I often think of the book by Mircea Eliade titled, The Myth of the Eternal Return, which is about early northern European (Norse) mythology and the sacred aspects of building in relation to early places of worship. The corner stone, or the cap stone, of early temples and homes with cellars, were often marked with a smaller stone that had a snake carved or painted on it, and the act of establishing that corner (plum and square to the chaos of infinite space) was considered “staking chaos” or pinning evil down, often found under altars signifying the order created and ascribed to godliness.


                                                                      • Geek
                                                                        Geek  4 weeks back

                                                                        Entertaining read. I'd assume you are joking but I've seen people say stuff like this unironically, quantum healing and the sorts.

                                                                    • Jeff Sutthoff
                                                                      Jeff Sutthoff  4 weeks back

                                                                      You don’t have to understand something to use it

                                                                      • Thuddy Waters
                                                                        Thuddy Waters  4 weeks back

                                                                        0:30 It's perplexcellent.

                                                                        • unionjackess
                                                                          unionjackess  4 weeks back


                                                                          • Cesar Villa
                                                                            Cesar Villa  4 weeks back

                                                                            Joe couldn't follow because he wasn't on DMT.

                                                                            • TheMidmo
                                                                              TheMidmo  4 weeks back

                                                                              Telsa probably understood quantum physics

                                                                              • J Johnson
                                                                                J Johnson  4 weeks back

                                                                                Please please please have on Nassim Haramein.

                                                                                • Free Thinker
                                                                                  Free Thinker  4 weeks back

                                                                                  John Hagelin, Dean Radin, and Joe Dispenza, who were all featured in "What The Bleep," would absolutely demolish Rogan and Carroll in a serious debate about Quantum Mechanics. Rogan's sophistry wouldn't last a minute.