Extreme Chinese Street Food - JACUZZI CHICKEN and Market Tour in Kunming! | Yunnan, China Day 4

  • Published: 27 December 2017
  • This Day 4 of this 4-part video Chinese food tour of Yunnan. Watch it all here: https://goo.gl/QhiJUb
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    Thanks to Frank and Jerry of Zouba Tours: http://www.zoubatours.com/ for taking me around. I paid for this tour, but they did a great job and I would recommend them.

    Kunming, Yunnan, China - Kunming is the capital and largest city in Yunnan province China. So I was excited to explore the local market in Kunming and eat as much street food as possible!

    Here are all the Chinese street food dishes we ate throughout the market:

    Rice pudding - 5 RMB ($0.76) - This was slightly fermented, and sweet, like a rice alcohol pudding. It was pretty good, but quite sweet, so I couldn’t eat that much of it.

    Dumpling - 1 RMB ($0.15) - I saw these dumplings sizzling and hissing and there was no way I could walk by without trying one. Stuffed inside were leek and egg. They were a little on the oily side, but delicious.

    Whole duck - 20 RMB ($3.03) - Yunnan is famous for roast duck, and there’s a version that’s comparable even to Beijing style. Style I was excited to find a stall that at the market that specialize in Yunnanese roast duck. It was delicious and the owners were very friendly as well.

    Pickled pears - 5 RMB ($0.76) - This was an interesting snack, and supposed to be very healthy and good for digestion.

    Drink - 2 RMB ($0.30) - This drink was incredible sweet, but refreshing.

    Tofu Noodles - 5.5 RMB ($0.83) - Another extremely popular Chinese street food snack at the market was tofu noodles - I’ve had tofu and noodles, but not really mixed before. It was a little plain and starchy, but from all the sauces, it was taty.
    Rice balls - 5 RMB ($0.76) - We also tried sesame rice balls which were delicious.

    Jacuzzi braised ½ chicken - 15 RMB ($2.27) - This was one of the highlights of the market for me, mainly because the owner was so friendly and his giant jacuzzi of boiling chickens was amazing to see! The chicken was a little bony, but flavorful.

    Yellow soybean porridge - 3.5 RMB ($0.53) - As we were leaving the market, we stopped for one last bowl of soybean porridge to eat with youtiau, Chinese donuts. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did, but it was delicious. It was very warming and hearty.

    Finally to complete this Chinese street food tour in Kunming, Jerry and I, along with his family ate Chinese Yunnanese bbq. It was tasty and a great way to end this amazing day of street food.

    Special thanks to Zouba Tours (http://www.zoubatours.com/) for arranging everything in this video. I paid for this tour, but I think they did a great job, and I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the tour.

    That completes Day 4 of this Chinese food tour of Yunnan. If you haven’t already, watch the full series here: https://goo.gl/QhiJUb

    MUSIC: Sad Life - https://goo.gl/HwVjdo

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    • Kan Chan
      Kan Chan  13 hours back

      Many peoples like ur vid..

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        york new  15 hours back

        I, m Chinese , but this dude has tasted more Chinese food than I have.. Gee.. Simply watching this video would make my mouth so watering

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          Linda Gens  21 hours back

          Thank you mark, for your non judgemental visit to this wonderful superpower

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            Where we found halal food in China?

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              Mandezo Thesoundbwoy  1 days back

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              • Mandezo Thesoundbwoy
                Mandezo Thesoundbwoy  1 days back

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                  As a chinese, I would say the food is so cheap there. You cannot find this price in big tourism cities.

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                    sticky, gummy, soggy, gelatinous, bones, fatty, oily, stinky - some of the things I don't like with Chinese cooking TBH.

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                          Fermented rice wine (without sugar) is very common in northeast india (Arunachal Pradesh) and also the 1st one we add sugar to make it sweet

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